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Warehouse in West London

The venue is an impeccably restored space in the heart of the Westfield London development. Spanning over 1,200 square metres of multi-purpose event space, the venue blends heritage aesthetics with cutting-edge design and functionality.The venue invokes the spirit of openness and commitment to the public good that created the city’s public transit system.

The slogan ‘for the use of benefit of the people of London’, is fitting inspiration for a new cultural centre of the Westfield development, one of the city’s busiest and most vibrant areas.The structure was built in 1899 for Central London Railways and retains iconic TFL design features such as tiled interior walls and factory arch windows.

The venue welcomes a broad range of large-scale events, from live music and exhibitions to conferences, awards dinners, product launches and location filming.

For bookings and more info please get in touch:


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