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What you'll do

Ever wanted to record a song? Have a Melody running through your head or love singing or rapping in the shower?
Or maybe you are you a DJ, Artist or Producer looking for help making your songs/backing tracks sound more professional? Level up your skills with our small group class.

You’ll benefit from having your own song made into a full production including drums and other sounds. Sterling or one of the other Producers can help you make it sound Professional and ready to release.

On this Music Production course, you can take a song idea and turn it into a finished product, ready to showcase your talent in a professional way. This is the perfect way to turn your initial song idea into a finished production and potential hit song. If you want to showcase yourself, having good production to back up your vocals is essential.

• Composition of an original beat or adding beats & production value to your existing piano/guitar track
• Professional music production tuition
• Vocal recording session available (if needed)
• Recording with audio
• Using loops
• Using MIDI instruments
• Introduction to Maschine
• Arrangement of the song
• Mixing & Mastering included of your track by Temple after the session
• A fun enjoyable experience


What you'll do
Arrive at the iconic Complex located in famous area of Hackney Wicks in the heart of East London. Enjoy this unique workshop using world class DJ equipment where within 1 and half hour you will have the key knowledge of true party DJ. Upon arrival you will meet Sterling or Marcus who will demonstrate an introduction then you will start your DJ workshop of playing music in your own style. This workshop is designed to teach you all the fundamental skills you need to DJ in a club or in a party with your friends. Learn how to be creative while having fun in creating your own mixes. After the workshop you can continue your east London experience by walking through the famous street market and discovering delicious international hotspots and explore the hidden gems of east London.


What you'll do
This is the ultimate ultimate Vinyl experience where you will get to experience the raw art of Djing with Vinyl.
Your workshop will be held at the iconic THE COMPLEX located in the trendy borough of Hackney Wick where many legendary musicians, DJs and performance have walked through .

You'l learn the basics of DJing handling vinyl, transitioning songs, scratching and more -- depending on your skill level.
At the end of the workshop you wil go through Femi Vinyl collection and will get the chance to have djing scratting battle with Femi from a record of your choice.
The Location: The Complex 
We will conduct our workshop at the iconic The Complex located in in the famous East London borough of  Hackney Wick which is renowned for its creativity and multiculturalism
Experience hosted by Sterling
The Host
Femi or better known as  Sterling Femi Reings. He is educator of music and have passion for teaching & working with artists to give them the opportunity to explore their creativity. He was part of UK Hip hop group Hard II KILL, which was one of the first UK Hip Hop pioneers in the 90s. We toured with Naughty by nature, Shabba Ranks and Mary J Blige. Awell did a MTV special with Fab Five Freddy on UK Hip-hop. he is a university graduate with 10-year music production experience who is influenced by the likes of Bill Conti, Burt Bacharach, Dre Dre, DJ premier Fela Kut.
Check my social media accounts where you and see guest from around the world experiencing the workshop.
> 90 mins.                    >  Includes drinks, equipment.   
> Up to 3 people.       >  Hosted in English, Spanish.
Due to Covid we have adapted our workshops and music Courses to the government guidelines, aswell each Courses /workshop is done in air opened spaces.

Contact: Sterling Femi Akinyemi: 07932672598 or All Around Events:  07707 580681

Email:  or 

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