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JUKEBOX EXPERIENCE - Video headphone party experience.

What we do

JukeBox is a video based headphone party experience

3 music video channels are broadcasted to our wireless headphones.

Each headset has a 3 coloured LED which shows which channel you are listening to, so you can dance along with those listening to the same channel. Guests toggle between our three music stations.



Music connects us all.

We target a certain psychographic over a demographic. We aim for people who love music,

our guests range from early 20’s to late 40’s. Keep in mind we play the best hits from over the last 50 years. Normally people are separated by musical tastes when clubbing. We’re able to unite them by giving them the ability to choose their own vibe




The Video headphone party experience.

we play multiple genres & eras of music over 3 music channels broadcasted to the wireless headphones that are given to guests on entry. They are able to change what channel they listen to at the flick of a switch.

Music ranges from 80s sing-alongs, 90s rnb, old school garage to new top 40s, we play it all. So no leaving the dance floor when a tune comes on you don’t like. Just switch the channel.

This is an surreal social experience that will have you immersed in the music. Just be ready for a night you will not soon forge



Think an exhibition meets bar meets hangout spot. Good friendly vibes and positive people in an intimate engaging environment. An excellent opportunity to be entertained and network.

Stimulation is brought to our guests in the form of Amazing art from emerging artists, live performances, scented themes, unique cocktails, Interactive games, tasting sessions + much more. This one is for the creatives who wish to celebrate the creativity of others and also a great chance to network with others in similar fields




B.E.S.T Flix provides a unique experience for the modern cinephile. Giving guest a comfortable environment that allows them to immerse themselves in the film. We bring a selective approach to film by playing old and new classics with the occasional gem. Our aim is to give guests something to tell their friends about.



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