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Sui Generis

Sui Generis: Dalston’s Essential Venue Step into Sui Generis, Dalston’s go-to spot for cutting-edge nightlife. Equipped with a top-notch Martin Audio sound system, our space ensures every beat hits just right.


Our venue effortlessly switches from a vibrant nightclub to a stylish cocktail bar and chill lounge, all with a killer stage for live music and private events. Sui Generis is the cultural heartbeat of North East London, designed for the creative and eclectic crowd.


With room for up to 200 guests, it’s perfect for everything from intimate gatherings to full-blown parties. Whether you’re planning a private event or looking to experience the best in electronic music, Sui Generis has you covered.


Join us at Sui Generis and dive into Dalston’s dynamic nightlife scene



Friday/Saturday: 3 am / 4 am (TENs)

Thursdays: 2 am

Wednesdays: 1 am


Capacity: 200

PA: Martin Audio Quadraphonic

For more info and bookings please email us at



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🗝Private Events




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