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Void Sound System - Tri Motion + Stasys 118

Void Sound System - Tri Motion

Three-way bi-amped sculpted loudspeaker array

Building on the successful acoustic and visual philosophy of the iconic Air Motion, the smaller and even more daring Tri Motion extends those principles further, allowing an even larger audience to savour the Void experience.

The Tri Motion satisfies the demand for higher SPLs and more diversified looks, and the rethink on form has also allowed for wider horizontal dispersion and asymmetrical vertical pattern control, giving further coverage and reducing early reflections from ceilings to provide higher fidelity. The extra horsepower is generated by a larger low frequency transducer and super-efficient mid-hi section.

Choose to fly the Tri Motion using either: the proprietary integral flying and mounting system; or via an optional floor or low frequency enclosure mounted ground support system, forming a completely stable and correctly angled audio point source. Perfect for the larger venue requiring cutting-edge performance, together with art gallery aesthetics, Tri Motion’s creation stems from years of pushing both sonic and creative frontiers.

Key Features
  • Visually striking appearance for style-led environments

  • Triangular format waveguides for better pattern control

  • Fibreglass composite construction

  • Standard red finish, optional custom colours

  • Integrated flying and mounting system

  • Optional floor stand or flying bracket

  • Internal electronic control prevents overdriving

Hire options

Option 1

Full system Hire

Void Tri Motion x2

Void 118 18” subwoofers x2

RCS twin 18’’ subwoofers x4

Void Airten x6

Option 2

Half system Hire

Void 118 18” subwoofers x2

Void Airten x4

We can supply in London, Essex and Surrey

For more info please email us:

Stasys 118

The Stasys 118 is a single 18” reflex loaded, low frequency enclosure built around traditional principles but designed with Stasys philosophy and attention to detail.

In order to extract the maximum performance from the Stasys 118 design, the heart of these enclosures was subjected to the same resonance mapping procedures as all other Stasys low frequency models. This practice has dictated the type of materials used around the enclosure, optimised the brace positioning, and minimised destructive nodal conditions. All of this creates structurally superior housing with minimum mass, the least possible amount of cabinet colouration and vastly increased output.

Exhaustive comparative transducer testing and evaluation led to the birth of a new 18” transducer with a high excursion 4” voice coil. The sonic properties of differing cone and surround combinations were studied, as well as differing coil topographies. Flux intensities and out of band abnormalities were also manipulated until the perfect combination was achieved. The marriage of a technologically advanced enclosure with esoteric transducer performance applied with superlative tuning techniques has resulted in a phenomenal package with state-of the-art performance that has well and truly left tradition behind.

Key features:

  • 1.2 kW AES power handling

  • Optimally damped, minimal mass cabinet

  • 1 x 4” voice coil 18” neodymium low frequency driver

  • 18 mm birch plywood construction


• Large scale touring


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