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Venue Finder: SoundBound at Electric Brixton | All Around Events

Sound Bound Events | All Around Events

All Around Events have successfully outsourced for Sound Bound Events the Electric Brixton for their event, on the 23 July 2021

Event: SoundBound is a regional events company showcasing artists from all genres.

Venue: Electric Brixton

Electric Brixton opened its doors in September 2011, it brought back the life that was previously known as The Fridge and before that, The Ace. The most noticeable difference is the million pound facelift it's been given, where possible back to its original interior features with some twists for the 21st century.

Electric Brixton boasts an amazing stage with unsurpassed sightlines making it the perfect venue for large scale club events, live music, television recording, private parties and special arts events. Across both floors the venue has a capacity of 1,700 for club events and 1,500 for live shows. It is the only mid-range music venue in Brixton which is home to an area with a long-established vibrant music scene, standing alongside many other live music pubs and clubs. Keeping Brixton at its heart Electric Brixton is equally at home hosting avant-garde arts events as it is hosting straight up clubs, a new centrally located independent venue perfect for South London

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