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Venue Finder: E1 VN at E1 Warehouse | All Around Events

E1 VN | All Around Events

All Around Events have successfully outsourced for E1 VN event, the E1 Warehouse for their event on the 13 July

Event: E1 VN



The venture is the brainchild of a group of professionals with proven track records in the music and events industry. The venue owners have worked with the country`s leading promoters and production houses. The bookers are the orchestrators of some of London`s biggest events over the last decade. The management team comes with experience from the capital`s best alternative establishments.The site itself has been transformed working with an acoustic consultancy and pioneering audio specialists, Funktion-One, to install a bespoke, integrated sound system to rival any in the capital. The Funktion-One system has been painstakingly designed and utilizes the company`s latest loudspeaker products and technological innovations. An exceptional air conditioning system also adds to Venue`s premium status. Warehouse has been treated and tuned for optimal acoustic performances by specialist Shaun Murkett, boasting a sound system of clarity, depth, power and without noise issues affecting the signal path. We deliver the finest in audio quality and the best of its kind built in the United Kingdom​.


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