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Unique versatile vessel

Located right on the river at Victoria Embankment, step on board a unique London boat and you’ll experience London from a unique perspective. Away from the busy streets, you’ll glide effortlessly past remarkable landmarks while enjoying a delicious meal cooked with seasonal ingredient by our onboard culinary team, and a wide selection of drinks perfectly served. Each of our two boats have been specifically designed to cruise this remarkable ribbon of water. With its all glass structure and designed by Tom Dixon Studios, Glass Room immerses you in the London skyline while River Room is boosted by its longest open deck on the River Thames.


Encased in glass and offering panoramic, ever-changing views over the Thames, the Glass Room is a stunning river boat featuring 360 views and unique, nautical-inspired, contemporary interiors exclusively designed by Tom Dixon’s internationally revered Design Studio. Whether you’re interested in a unique wedding reception on the river, a glittering corporate event, a gala dinner or an extraordinary venue to mark a special occasion, the Glass Room is guaranteed to leave your guests in awe

Capacity seated: 300

Looking to hire a for a licensed venue for a small wedding, a space for a unique corporate event or a place to host a truly unique celebration?

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