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Malice presents: ONCE A TRON A TIME

Dear players, it's been three long years since The Blizzard took us to the land of Odd. It's time for the next one, would you say? Get ready to teleport...

You know the lowdown, you're welcome to bring fun friends, but let's keep it to just us players hey? ;-)

We've been through wardrobes to winterlands and wonderlands, thru space, back in time and thru apocalyptic to odd we're being transported into the original a Tron-inspired video game world. You know, the films where everyone gets zapped into a video game?

NO? Well, that's perfectly OK.

If the last parties were anything to go by, this one's gonna be a techno-doozy.

This time, we're teleporting straight into the game. But of course.....the teleport has a glitch....there's a crack in the space-time continuum between reality and storytime.

Even if you're not intricately familiar with the inner workings of TRON, picture a world filled with bits and bytes, where technology reigns supreme. But instead of just EL/LED outlined figures, any and all of your favourite fictional characters have been video gamed.



Fantastical characters in a Techno-TRONic video game world.

Silicon meets soul. Legends & lights collide. Beyond the 1's and 0's lies a land of creatures composed of more than just bits and bytes. We're flinging the doors of perception wide open and welcoming you to discover a technological world of the fantastical creatures that drive our everyday imagination.

And not to forget the epic music inside the video game:


FUTURE ROOM: Melodic, soulful, progressive Techno Tripswitch DANEC Marksman RETRO ROOM: House, Breaks, DnB, Funky, Eclectic Ed Real Craig Gunn Joel Brittain

In addition to the Sonic Power Supply that our DJs will be providing, be prepared to meet petabytes of interactive characters, welcome surprise easter egg experiences throughout the night, and last, but certainly not least, a Malice staple: a spectacle performers are gearing up to dazzle you with a series of extra lives throughout the night.

DRESS CODE: This is your chance to embody the coded version of your favourite fictional character from another world, ANY world. Extreme bonus points will be awarded for illumination. Bring your A-game. Help us paint this digital world.

Stuck for ideas? Here's a handy Pinterest board to help get you started. Click here for some Pinterest inspiration.

Join our Facebook page for updates. Please note, Age 25 & over. And by purchasing a ticket & attending our events you agree to have any photo or video of you used within our marketing materials (but please say so at the time if you don't want to be filmed or photographed). Party responsibly. We take great pains to ensure a safe environment, but as with everything in life, it's your responsibility to be careful & safe in your merriment. And please be epically respectful to your fellow party citizens of Tron. It might be called Malice for dark, fun storytelling, but our mischievous events are anything but. It's a room full of quirky fun & love. You must abide by our house rule: Be respectful to everyone. We reserve the right to remove anyone who doesn't play by the rule).


LOKI, 302-304 Barrington Rd, SW9 7JJ


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