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Venue Finder: Sue Veneers at CELL 200 London | All Around Events

Sue Veneers | All Around Events

All Around Events have successfully outsourced for Sue Veneers the Cell 200 for their event, on the 14 March 2020

Event: Sue Veneers

A brand new queer dance party at Cell 200 in Kings Cross. Enter the psychedelic, ravey world of Sue Veneers; brought to life by the hilarious Mahatma Khandi. Let loose on the dancefloor. Make lovers, make friends. Feel your full fantasy in a caged podium.

Venue: Cell 200

CELL 200 One of #London's best venues, An unassuming location in the depths of Kings Cross, Cell 200 is an intimate, late night venue with a state of the art Funktion-One (Official) sound system. With a stripped back, warehouse aesthetic throughout, Cell 200 caters for those who want to celebrate electronic music in a more unconventional, hedonistic atmosphere.

Venue: Cell 200

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