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Venue Finder: Wiggle at Peckham Gallery London | All Around Events

Wiggle | All Around Events

All Around Events have successfully outsourced for Wiggle the Peckham Gallery for their event, on the 31 December 2019

Event: Wiggle

Wiggle has long held a special place in the hearts of the UK underground community. Held initially on a monthly basis at a variety of often secret locations and promoted strictly through word of mouth, the club has grown and developed through it's policy of promoting the original etho's of the acid house movement; it's sound system booms, it's atmosphere unpretentious and where absolutely everybody is having a great time. Wiggle is a night like no other and has consistently been ahead of it's time in a whole host of ways.

Venue: Peckham Gallery

Having worked with some amazing venues & promoters over the years we felt it was time to do our own thing. We wanted to create a hybrid event space. With music at the focus of everything we do. Our team has worked across the spectrum from the V & A to the Total Refreshment Centre.

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