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Venue Finder: Elevator East at Autumn Street Studios | All Around Events

Elevator East | All Around Events

All Around Events have successfully outsourced for Elevator East the Autumn Street Studios for their event on the 14 December

Event: Elevator East

we’re a london-based party with top-notch systems, global selectors and an ever-revolving location - the lift will change but the spirit stays the same, a moveable mecca of disco, balearic, house, funk, jazz and music from the four corners, sonic purity on boats, in warehouses and upstairs in pubs, spanning multiple decades and most of the globe previous guests include don carlos (irma records), leo mas (amnesia ibiza), sean johnston (hardway bros/a love from outer space), nancy noise (amnesia ibiza), newen afrobeat, nik weston (mukatsuku), pete otc (on the corner records), pardonnez-nous (paris), pabels (la casa tropical) and other selectors who approach their craft and our east london dens with flair, aplomb and a wild eclecticism that looks out beyond borders and zones.

Venue: Autumn Street Studios

Unique space in Hackney Wick Capacity: 100-150

It can host multitude of events ranging from workshops, corporate events, private dining, yoga, product launch parties, photo and film shoots, exhibitions, dance and Live events plus many more.

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