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Unique Blank Venue

Blank Canvas is a flexible and private small event space, perfect for those smaller events with any budget. The venue consists of one open blank canvas space, a green room, a private covered courtyard, a rear outdoor space and a rooftop terrace. The venue is off the main street with a main gate that can be closed to provide you with privacy and security. This is a great space, in a great location.


5,000 sq ft (total space) Courtyard Rear Outdoor Space Rooftop Gated Premises Car Park Great Loading Access Close Transport Links Blank Canvas Flexible and Versatile Kitchenette & Green Room On Site

The venue is ready to hire for:

  • Exhibitions

  • Product Launches

  • Talks Screenings

  • Workshops

  • Pop Ups

  • Book Launches

  • Fashion Showcases

  • Film Shoots

  • Photo Shoots

  • Set Builds

For more info please get in touch:

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