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EarProof Showcase in London 1st December


Are you ready for this? All Around Events and Earproof have joined forces and would like to invite you to celebrate! Combining All Around Events’ network and EarProof’s mission, it’s bound to be the start of a fresh, groundbreaking collaboration!

Earproof’s mission is to save 10 million ears. Our ears play an essential part in our sense of balance, directivity, communication, but also our pleasure in music! Known for their partnerships with various DJ’s and artists, they also work with mayor European music festivals selling their cutting-edge hearing protection suitable for any environment.

Feel welcome to join us on Saturday 1stof December and get updated on the latest knowhow and technology of custom-made ear protection. Excited? We also offer the opportunity for custom mold measurements and sound-filter testing. Accompanied by some nice tunes and beverages, we’ll make sure you won’t leave without knowing everything about protecting your ears.

Come have a drink, a dance and expand your knowledge about how to protect your hearing in the most optimal possible way!

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For more info please email us:

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