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Art and Culture space

The Gallery has grown and adapted to its permanent location off Portobello road, purposed as a fully-fledged 21st century culture space The Gallery usual in that the vast majority of the artists' works on exhibit are produced by living artists. As a result the working process is oriented towards exhibiting not only the artworks but the practice and method behind the production of the artworks and the context of the artists within contemporary culture. The Gallery hosts regular showcase events and private views, offering a fresh and informal take on what an art show can be.

We promote artistic talent to the best of our ability. We are open, friendly and let the art talk for itself.

We not only provide a beautiful well-lit space in which to show art but also provide quality framing and printing services, meaning we can offer our artists the full package when it comes to shows. We are in one of London's loveliest neighbourhoods and benefit from lots of passing trade, and a long list of collectors and clients.

Art, Music Events, Private parties, Art Workshops, Exhibitions, Photo Shoots, Framing, Digital Printing, Hanging services.

Capacity: 300

Sound system: Void

Late License

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