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Rëkkönïn Art Vanguard 21 July at Studio9294

Welcome to the first in a series of parties curated by rekkonin where we fuse the frequencies of sound, art and light for the stardust which we are for a 16 hour party. Creating moments where we can all just be in a place where interaction is encouraged and all the stuff we carry from your daily lives can be left at the entrance. Our aim is to provide a space for artists in their fields as well as patrons to immerse themselves in the harmonic surroundings and just be. *Forget social media, as it will still be there when you leave. *Forget capturing moments on your smartphone and rather just feel, embrace and be present to each precious moment. *Forget about ego, as all it does is stop you from enjoying your true infinite potential and that of others that surround you.

Instead, let our frequencies stimulate in the connecting of dots in the warm light of day before we welcome the comfort of the night. rekkonin soundtrack purveyors Mads Lerager and Maybe Laura will be orchestrating waves of electronic sounds alongside some VERY SPECIAL TECHNO led guests who we believe share our ethos and beliefs. Every rëkkönïn event that takes place no matter what city will be a event that will be raising awareness for community front line projects and donating money raised to help support these organisations.

We believe that there is always a bigger picture than self.

So for our London event we will be raising awareness and money for a local based NON-government funded organisation called 'Shelter From The Storm' who survive on donations to provide free housing for the homeless 365 days a year and at the same time providing a space and help for those less fortunate than ourselves to create a future for each individual that they want to live. Shelter From The Storm

We also will be welcoming some SMASHING healthy food options, providing culinary delights from their menu of vegan-inspired food and smoothies to ‘live for’ so you stay well fuelled throughout the day and in the later hours. connecting dots... . .. .....

Venue: Studio 92/94

90 wallis road, e95ln London, United Kingdom

Websites soundcloud: facebook: twitter: instagram:

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