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All Around Events | March

All Around Events | March

Promotions, design my night

Printing production for Twenty Recruitment

Private party 3 March @ Treehouse Claphan Common

Private party 17 March @ Trapeze

Promotions EGG presents Easter Thursday Special: The Magician, Riton + more 29 March

Uptowns 29 March @ Trapeze

Promotions Fridays at Egg: Garage Special with DJ Luck & MC Neat vs Artful 30 March

Fathers Music Mother Dance 30 March @ Bar A Bar

Disco Ma Non Troppo 31 March @ Haunt

Promotions EGG pres. Wehbba, Thomas Schumacher, Aitor Ronda, Cosmic Boys 31 March

Supply Door Staff 31 March @ Haunt

Reset London 31 March @ Cell 200

Supply Events Manager 31 March @ Cell 200

If you want to find out more about our services please email us:

Facebook Fanpage: All Around Events

Facebook group: All Around Events

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