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Our top 8 favourite Basement Venues in London

Venue 1: Unique Underground Basement in Clapton

The venue is an underground basement caverns. Secret, quirky, intimate and eclectic space that is like nothing else you've seen. The venue is ideal for birthday parties, wedding parties, events, small intimate gigs and launches.

Capacity: 90

License: 1 AM and 3 AM (TENs)

Venue 2: Great Intimate Basement in Dalston

The venue is based in the heart of West-Hackney, between Dalston and Stoke Newington. Focussed on creating a neighbourhood-friendly vibe, with easy dining in a relaxed environment, the venue also features a stunningly designed decor and chilled bar area which serves an array of cocktails, spirits and mixers, as well as a wide selection of craft beer and a wonderfully picked wine list. The venue can cater for large group bookings, area reservations, private parties and events and is extremely versatile as a space. It also has an 100 capacity basement venue attached which hosts a curated programme of varied events and is also available to hire.

Capacity: 100

License: 2 AM and 4 AM (TENs)

Sound system: Martin Audio

Venue 3: Unique Warehouse Basement in Shoreditch

The space is used to bring together creative types of all sorts to host a range of events from exhibitions, live art, live music and club events, literary gatherings, symposiums and film screenings. This regenerated, once abandoned building has brought a variety of exciting nights and a new social and cultural hub to East London.

Capacity: 250

License: 2 AM and 6 AM (TENs)

Sound System: Funktion 1

Venue 4: Great Intimate Basement in Dalston

The venue is set in the heart of Dalston in East London. Looking to host event, birthday party, dance event, at an intimate venue get in touch.

Capacity: 120

Time: 2 AM and 4 AM (TENs)

Equipment: QSC

Venue 5: Great Initmate Basement in Dalston

The venue located between the main drags of Stoke Newington Road and Kingsland Road in Dalston, will bring together the world's finest beers with a Germanic passion for striking nails into tree trunks with giant hammers. Te basement offers a unique intimate enviroment with great sound system. If you require a private function or party 'The Venue' can be rented for events, live performances , art exhibitions or other functions.

Capacity: 120

License: 2AM and 4AM (TENs)

Sound system: Martin Audio

Venue 6: Amazing Basement in Shoreditch

Basement is a multi purpose venue available for hire in the heart of London’s East end. The space boasts one hundred and fifty square metres split over two rooms. At this size we can cater for two hundred and sixty stood or one hundred and seventy five seated guests comfortably. The main room has white washed walls, natural light and stunning original features such as a huge oak sliding door leading to a victorian lift. This room lends itself to dance parties, pop up eateries and shops as well as gallery, video, photo and corporate events.

Capacity: 270

License: 6 AM (TENs)

Sound System: Funktion 1

Venue 7: Basement in White Chapel

The venue has an amazing intimate basement that, can cater for private parties of up to 100 guests is available upon request and it has a license until 3AM.

Capacity: 100

License: 3 AM

Sound system: QSC

Venue 8: Spacious Basement in Dalston

The venue is a 250 capacity basement club with a cracking Soundsystem, located on Stoke Newington Road.

Capacity: 250

License: 3:30 AM and 5 AM (TENs)

Sound system: Precision Device


For more information about our spaces please contact All Around Events:

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