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All Around Events | September

All Around Events | September

Danach after party 3 Sept @ Reina Club

CBC Limited, Sept, webdesign, design, printing and production

Koalesce 9 Sept @ The Bow Bridge

Danach after party 13 Sept @ Reina Club

Modernity Events 16-20 Sept - Ticket sales & Promotions

Warm Up 16 Sept @ STYX

Aphonic Music label Launch party 16 Sept - Marketing, promotions & Social Media

Aphonic Music label Launch party 16 Sept @ Kamio Basement

Danach after party 17 Sept @ Reina Club

Friends from Afar 1 Oct - Marketing, promotions & Social Media

Nein x Samo presents 23 Sept @ Loves Company

Danach after party 24 Sept @ Reina Club

Fortay & Company 30 Sept @ BarAbar

Supplying DJ Equipment at Fortay and Company event 30 Sept @ BarABar

If you want to find out more about our services please email us:

Facebook Fanpage: All Around Events

Facebook group: All Around Events

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