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All Around Events July

July 17

Profound 8 July @ Cargo Outdoor space

Private party 8 July @ NTs

Supplied Entertainment / DJs (Hip Hop, RnB & Soca, Danchall) 15 July @ Bar512

Danach after part 16 July @ Reina Club

Private party 17 July @ The Driver

Moetry 20 July @ Brewhouse

Supplied Entertainment / Bunny Girls 22 July @ Private Corparate event in Farnham, surrey

Warm up 22 July @ STYX Outdoor

Danach after party 23 July @ Reina Club

Danach after party 30 July @ Reina Club

CBC Limited, July, webdesign, design, printing and production

If you want to find out more about our services please email us:

Facebook Fanpage: All Around Events

Facebook group: All Around Events

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