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Vinyl Club x Boxpark pres. Record Shop Day

Vinyl Club x Boxpark pres. Record Shop Day DJ DNR (DNR Vinyl) DJ Claw & Ty (Pure Vinyl) Nomski (Hoxton FM) Nathan Appleton >Workshops & Talks >Records Stalls by DNR Vinyl Pure Vinyl >Exchange Vinyl Corner Vinyl Club and Boxpark Croydon are coming together to celebrate the Record store day on the 15 April with an all day and night event. Some of South London's best vinyl shops will set up stalls to sell their records and merchandise. Pure Vinyl Record store in Brixton (Best New Shop In Brixton 2015 - Brixton Buzz) and Croydon’s very own record shop DNR Viny. Also we will have the Exchange Vinyl Corner, where, vinyl lovers can bring their records and have them swap, exchange or sell them to other vinyl collectors, we promote the tracks on our vinyl exchanged page and people can come to the event and do that. And finally Vinyl club will supply the music on the day/night and we have invited some of the finest Vinyl Disc Jokes to entertain you with anything going on from, Soul Funk 60’s and 80’s, to Nu- Disco House, to Reggae, house to Garage to hip hop. •Vinyl club• The concept is to invite new and undiscovered talent to showcase their music, exchange records, guide them on technical skills and invite well known DJ's to come and show others how they perform. There will also be talks and presentations from different areas in the music industry, and guidance on many subjects, from how to put your music out there, starting a label, producing tips, marketing, branding yourself as an artist, and other subjects in the music industry. This will be a great opportunity to create a community of similar minded DJs, artists, producers and generally music lovers, and to provide a meeting point to help people network with other musicians and companies which are sometimes hard to get in contact with. If you are involved in the music scene in any way from promotion, record shops, record label's, music magazine's, Music school's, Club owner's or any other part in the music business and would like to give talk's or are just interested in the project please get in touch ★RECORDS STALLS & MERCHANDISE DNR VINYL DnR Vinyl, based in Croydon, is one of the last remaining physical record stores dedicated to UK Garage vinyl. The shop houses a vast catalog of early 90's US House, through to Four-To-The-Floor, Speed Garage, 2-Step and Bassline and also stocks a comprehensive collection of Grime, Dubstep and selected new releases. If you can't make it to the actual shop to dig through the thousands of records on display, then check the where you will find the entire offering with picture and audio samples. DnR was born from the shear love of UK Garage music and inspired by the role that Croydon played in the early history and development of the sound. The legendary "Big Apple Records" located in Surrey Street Market, together with the strong club scene in the late 90's and early 2000's, meant Croydon was a driving force behind the success of Garage and Dubstep. Croydon became a hub for talented DJ's and artists and boasts a vast array of now international stars, many of which have become good friends of the shop. Avid vinyl collector and record shop owner DJ DNR, is renowned for playing some of the rarest garage vinyls out there. With such a vast collection of extremely rare records and thousands of one-off dubplates, even the most schooled UK Garage fan is guaranteed a set full of surprises. PURE VINYL Run by Claudia Wilson – a former resident DJ at the now-demolished Mango Landin Bar – the vinyl-only shop specialises in Soul, Funk, Rhythm and Blues and Reggae, as well as music related Button Badges and T-shirts. Voted Best New Shop In Brixton 2015 - Brixton Buzz ★Vinyl Club is for everyone, performing or just spectating. Music is to be shared★ __________________________________________ For more info please email us: __________________________________________ facebook: twitter: @vinylclublondon email:

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