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Friends From Afar 1 YEAR Anniversary w/ Nu Zau & Suciu

Seems like yesterday, but in reality it's been 1 year since we started our journey at Friends From Afar! Many great things happened ever since including numerous inspirational shows at Hoxton FM and parties we will never forget.

But nothing would've happened without you guys, without your support and instead of just saying a big THANK YOU, we have decided to invite our favorite artists and celebrate this special time all together! The party will be held at Club Reina starting at 10pm on 31 March and going all the way till midday on Saturday! Yes, that's right - you won't need to change the location to enjoy the beauty of the after party! :) Line-up: - Nu Zau - Suciu - Rawness - Razvan Stefan - Ma Man - Valentin - Slavi Peev

For more info please click here Tickets will be sold at the door only and they will go for £10.

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