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Oi Polloi

Mini update time.

Although things are very busy, we're still making progress. Happy to say we're working with Kyriakos Poulos from All Around Events ( a London-based event production and promotion company, on our fundraiser event designed to get people excited about Greece becoming a much-needed beacon of civlisation. I've personally never organised an event of this type before so am super grateful to have his expertise on board. As well as that of Natasha Havelock and Holly Roxanne, the lovely ladies from Marbles and Ware ( They're back soon from putting on what looked like a kick ass festival in India, so we'll be hammering it all out in no time.

Don't forget, we've also got Elroy Spoonface Powell and his music social enterprise, connecting up and coming musicians with publishing opportunities ( and Dimitrios Kraniotis from Ark4Art, ( the London events company, focused on changing perceptions of Greece through music and the arts, all in the mix.

Meanwhile, a little group of us (Mary Townsend, Jackie Hindson, Alexandra Dyranis-Maounis, and Kate Redfern) are brainstorming themes based on mythological narratives - though it's a little hindered by the fact I'm super busy and am now also ill. But we'll get there! Ah, we're also working on rewards for our crowdfunder, which will be coming soon. I tell ya, whoever said Rome wasn't built in a day, sure as heck knew what they were talking about! Anyway, stay tuned! And keep sharing all the creativity, positivity, and ingenuity you can get your hands on!

For more info on this exciting new project please visit thier website here

Love, Mary xo

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