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Venue Finder: Underground Animals at Cell 200 London | All Around Events

Underground Animals | All Around Events

All Around Events have successfully outsourced for Underground Animals, the Cell 200 for their event on the 12 July

Event: Underground Animals

U.A are techno party animals that live, burrow or simply like to occasionally chill underground. We are currently friends with many DJ animals that like living or hanging out in the UK underground; The Badger, Rat, Fox, Mouse, Rabbit, Hare, Weasel, Adder, Squirrel, Mole, Otter, Ferret, Worm and Beetle – to show off and name drop but a few. We also love many international animals that will be joining us for future events. Regardless of where anyone is from or what their background is, as long as it’s not too unethically naughty, all party animals are welcome.


Venue: Cell 200

CELL 200 One of #London's best venues, An unassuming location in the depths of Kings Cross, Cell 200 is an intimate, late night venue with a state of the art Funktion-One (Official) sound system. With a stripped back, warehouse aesthetic throughout, Cell 200 caters for those who want to celebrate electronic music in a more unconventional, hedonistic atmosphere.


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