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The Contemporary Document of Berlin Techno Culture. NEXT EXHIBITION LONDON 12-13 APRIL.

The Contemporary Document of Berlin Techno Culture. The series NACHTS by the renowned photographer and Berghain bouncer Mischa Fanghaenel showcases contemporary portraits of personalities from the Berlin techno scene also in an NFT series. 

NACHTS, presented by photographer and Berghain Bouncer Mischa Fanghaenel, is a unique experience that captures and carries forward the spirit of Berlin's club culture. 

Following the successful event at the Centre Pompidou in Paris in December, and the Launch during Berlin Art Week in September 2023, it's time for NACHTS to conquer more cities. Next up is London, and it's happening at a secret location from 4pm-4am, on April 12th & 13th, 2024. Tickets are very limited and are sold on Resident Advisor (see link below).

NACHTS is curated for a discerning audience that transcends traditional art circles. This exhibition is a must-attend for those with a passion for art and photography, as well as individuals deeply embedded in the techno community. NACHTS offers a unique, multisensory experience that bridges the gap between visual art and electronic music, making it an unparalleled event.

The event will feature an exhibition of Mischa Fanghaenel's works, accompanied by an exclusive party with top-tier DJs headlining the night.

NIGHT 1 (April 12th) // DVS1

DVS1, which stands for Devious One, hails from Minneapolis. With releases for Derrick May and Ben Klock, DVS1 has become an indispensable part of the techno scene. His sound, rooted in the honest rave culture of the American Midwest, is characterized by fast techno beats and gigantic speaker walls.

NIGHT 2 (April 13th) // Answer Code Request

Answer Code Request, also known as Patrick Gräser, is a Berlin techno star known for his uncompromising approach to music. His rise from anonymity to becoming one of the most unique DJs, producers, and live acts worldwide is well-documented. Patrick's belief in making quality and innovative music has led him to challenge the conventional 4/4 format of techno, incorporating broken beats and breakbeats into his sets.

This event is happening on April 12th & 13th, 2024, at a secret location in the Camden district. Immerse yourself in the essence of Berlin’s techno culture with some of the most relevant personalities of the scene. Experience an exhibition of Fanghaenel’s works alongside an exclusive rave with Berghain resident DJs. More information will follow soon. Mark the date in red on your calendar and reserve your limited Early Bird ticket NOW to secure your admission.


For his series NACHTS, Mischa Fanghaenel portrayed over 175 protagonists of the Berlin techno scene. The portraits, accompanied by specially produced music pieces, form the basis for digital artworks that were generatively composed through AI models. The NFTs encompass immersive photo and video works - a medial expansion in the artist's oeuvre.



Mischa Fanghaenel is a photographer based in Berlin, born in Moscow and raised in East Berlin as the son of two  architects. After discontinuing his training as a fashion photographer in 1999, Fanghaenel shifted his focus from portrait photography to abstract photography. During this phase, he developed a unique photographic technique influenced by impressionist painting and constructivist photography.

Since 2000, Mischa Fanghaenel has balanced his role as a bouncer in Berlin's vibrant nightlife with his passion for photography. As Mischa himself states: "The balance between being a bouncer and photography has always been there. While bouncer work is loud and filled with many people, photography represents my more reserved side - alone and calm. The connecting element between these two worlds has always been the night for me." When he began his role as a bouncer at the famous Berghain in 2010, photography took a backseat but remained a central part of his life. Over the course of his career, he has portrayed notable personalities from the music world, including Wolfgang Wagner, Pierre Boulez, and Christian Thielemann.


2024 Quantum Oddity Gallery (solo exhibition) 

2023 Art Week, Berlin2023 Artist Weekend, Berlin2022 FoYou Art, Berlin2021 Laborgh, Berlin2020 König Gallery, Berlin2019 Adidas Night Jogger Show, Moscow 

2018 FoYou Art, Berlin2018 The Den, Berlin (solo exhibition) 

2018 EAF, Stockholm as part of Art Week 2017 8 Days Marzahn, Berlin                                

2017 The Ballery, Berlin (solo exhibition) 

2017 Enter Art Foundation, Berlin



Venue: Stables Club

The Vanguard Camden, First Floor Horse Hospital Unit 641 & 642, Stables Market, NW1 8AH


For further information and press inquiries, please contact:

We look forward to welcoming you to NACHTS in London!




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