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Venue Finder: Kojo & Friends at CELL 200 London | All Around Events

Kojo & Friends | All Around Events

All Around Events have successfully outsourced for Kojo & Friends the Cell 200 for their event, on the 21 December 2019

Event: Kojo & Friends

Our mission at Kojo is to use the power of events and creativity to change the world. We want to inspire others, raise awareness and fund raise for different charities close to our beliefs.

At the moment, the UK is set to miss nearly all their 2020 nature targets, which it signed up to a decade ago. If the government isn’t going to take this seriously, someone has too.

We’re aiming to use music, fashion and art to raise awareness about variety of environmental issues such as deforestation, plastic in the ocean, waste pollution and wildlife preservation. We are going to try and offset our carbon emissions, become plastic free in our events and start a conversation about what is to happen next.

Venue: Cell 200

CELL 200 One of #London's best venues, An unassuming location in the depths of Kings Cross, Cell 200 is an intimate, late night venue with a state of the art Funktion-One (Official) sound system. With a stripped back, warehouse aesthetic throughout, Cell 200 caters for those who want to celebrate electronic music in a more unconventional, hedonistic atmosphere.

Venue: Cell 200

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