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Out Of Hand Promotions presents...Moetry 'Speak to me fam'

Out Of Hand Promotions presents...Moetry 'Speak to me fam' 22 June at Lion and Lamb

Hey guys and girls myself and the team would like to welcome you back to another instalment of night where poetry, spoken word and music come together to deliver you a feast for your ears, mind and soul.

Aiming to give a platform to the array of talent which surrounds in friends, family and those of like minded creativity.

Those who attended the last even were lucky enough to see some blowing talent as well as an audience which not became part of the performances but also offered a warm and rapturous response to all what they heard. We go back to where we held the launch to see again if we can emulate a night that had many in tears, laughter and awe of what they let's be avin ya again...all is welcome

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Date: 22 June 17 Thanks from myself and the team

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