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Signum 002 W/ Zendid (4hrs)

We are overwhelmed to announce our first party of 2017 with artists that have made a huge impact on rave culture and how the music scene is shaped to this very day! With local London talent, our very own residents and a french duo consisting of Adrien Doumenge and Lenny Milleau, forming the incredible Zendid, we present to you, the Signum 2017 opening party! Line up: -Zendid (4 HOUR SET)- Discobar/Park&Ride/Elephant Moon/Cure Music -Greg Brockmann- Half Baked/Koncept Music -Rowlanz- RLZ MUSIC -Rhys Samson- Trapped Ldn -Sian Bennett- SignumLDN/E1even Records -SIGNUM SOUND SYSTEM- Kurt Phillips (SignumLDN/OPIA) B2B Connor Turner (SignumLDN) -Pearce Martin- SignumLDN/As One LDN -Sean Bunney- SignumLDN - Live visual performance by indie vision With releases on huge labels such as; Body Parts, Cure Music, Discobar, DisDat and Park and Ride Records, and appearances at all major parties across the globe, we are extremely excited to welcome Zendid to London for an extended 4 Hour set, closing whats going to be an extremely special night. Half Baked Resident, Greg Brockmann has undoubtably made his mark on the scene, playing alongside the likes of Raresh, Sonja Moonear, Rhadoo, Robin Ordell and Seuil, it was only right to invite Greg alongside this extremely talented group. RLZ MUSIC label boss David Rowlanz has had many releases on labels such as, LDN, Tupiar, Tvir and Arupa, contributing towards building a solid foundation within his musical career and the party scene. Rhys Samson, a great friend of ours and owner of Trapped Ldn, a vinyl only record label which is supported by RPR, Herodot, Cezar, Cristi Cons, Andrey Zots and many more, will be joining us for the 2017 opening party. Alongside this highly established group of artists we have our very own residents. First up is Sian Bennett, Sian has been with us since the re-launch party back in August and its always a huge pleasure to have her involved. Secondly we have the duo, SIGNUM SOUND SYSTEM, consisting of the co-founders, Kurt Phillips and Connor Turner, who have created the foundations for what we have become today. Last but not least, we have Pearce Martin, who is also co-owner of As One LDN a vinyl only record label. As well as Sean Bunney, who has been with us since day one! Together the Signum residents uphold the structure of our parties and maintain the vibes we create. So join us for whats going to be one hell of a start to 2017!

For more info and tickets please click here

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