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E3 Entertainment LTD In conjunction with All around Events  run workshops at The Complex with short medium and long term. 



DJ for Beginners which will consist of all ages depending on class.

Example one class could be 14-17 years old Another class could consist of 18 years and over. 

The class would getting their hands on industry standard gear with the aim for them to gain confidence, unlock their creativity and to carry it forward to which ever avenue they want to pursue. 

Equipment Set ups 

Vinyl turntable with mixer 

CDjs 1000 with Mixer 

CDjs Nxs 2000 with Mixer 

DJ controller with Laptop set up 

Software Serato DJ 

How many in one session 8-12 (15 maximum)

Cost per hour £30 

Cost for 10 sessions £180 


Music production and recording Native Instruments.  

This class would have access to recording equipment and be facilitated with learning how to make music production and recording vocals with Native Instruments exclusive sounds and equipment. This would suit young or experienced people that would want to learn how to record and work on group or individual projects. 


How many in one session 3-5 (6 maximum) per class 

The reason for these numbers at due to maximising time to record in a session and the ability to teach basic skills. These 3-4 sessions per evening  consisting of 2 hour session. For example 3.30pm-5.30pm 5.30pm-7.30pm 7.30pm-9.30pm slots with the particles booking sessions that suit them with flexibility.


Cost £30 per hour 

Cost for 10 sessions £180 



Lean how to Rap Bars

These workshops would be aimed at people young or mature that would like to learn how to construct lyrical songs with the aim to gain confidence and gain industry insight to urban street music. 

How many in a session: Maximum 15

These could be two hour slots 

Equipment needed DJ decks,Mic and , speakers 


Cost £30 per hour 

Cost for 10 sessions £180 


we also offering

For mixing mastering £100 per hour 

For voice adverse and overdubs £100 per hour 

Native Instruments sessions £30-£50 per hour 

DJ sessions £30 per hour.

Due to Covid we have adapted our workshops and music Courses to the government guidelines, as well each Courses/workshop is done in air opened spaces.

Contact: Sterling Femi Akinyemi: 07932672598 or All Around Events:  07707 580681

Email:  or 

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