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The Hurlingham

The Hurlingham is a 140 capacity vessel ideal for entertaining. The boat is made up of four cohesive spaces;
Entering to the heart of the boat you are greeted by a large focal island bar central to the first indoor space. With windows either side you can take in the views of the river while you await your drink.

The showstopping bar area leads up to the upper deck, an open plan mezzanine, where you can pass either side of the central DJ booth facing outward to the dancefloor engaging your guests. With the option to open the large sunroof in the summer months you have the choice of an open or enclosed upper deck.

Combined with the vast windows spanning either side this will make your Thames experience truly immersive.
Returning to the bar area from the dancefloor you can venture to the lower saloon. Pass the male and female restrooms and you enter the more intimate space on the boat.

The lower saloon offers built in seating, lower views and surround sound. Eat, rest or dance in this area depending on what the event calls for.

Our newly renovated surround sound system offers you the choice of consistency or ambient versatility from the upper deck.

The Hurlingham also offers an open-air front deck. Take in the optimum views from the front of the boat with the same views as the captain who will be up in the wheelhouse behind you!

Our highly experienced crew work closely with our boats and are fully trained to ensure your optimum safety and enjoyment on the Hurlingham.

2 floor
  • Upper floor 100

  • Ground Floor 40


  • 40 THEATRE

PA + CDJ 2000 X 2 and DJM900 x 1 per floor

For more info and bookings please email us at

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