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Venue Finder: SoulSessions at Studio 92 London | All Around Events

SoulSessions | All Around Events

All Around Events have successfully outsourced for SoulSessions the Studio 92 venue for their event on the 14 July

Event: SoulSessions

NE BOYS are a group of DJ's and promoters who have come together to create a movement for the open minded clubber.


Venue: Studio 92

2018 saw a massive mile stone for Egg London with us celebrating 15 years of the club standing tall in Egg London. We achieved some of our biggest results in 2018, seeing some of the biggest DJ’s in the world embrace our decks!

2019 will see us improve production through out the club, as we love to surprise our customers with new technology! Our booking team are working even harder to make our line ups different and exclusive to London.

We all promise to out achieve our selves and that is what 2019 will hold for us! So get set and we will see you on the dance floor!

Venue: Studio 92

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