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Brodka goes on tour in the UK!

Brodka goes on tour in the UK!

In autumn, she plays concerts in 5 cities:

1.10 Liverpool Hangar34

2.10 Edinburgh O2 Academy Edinburgh

8.10 Manchester Manchester Academy

Warsaw-based singer-songwriter Brodka has already lived several different lives; child prodigy, TV talent show winner, multi-platinum artist, pop provocateur, and conceptual artist. Following a sold-out Speedy Wunderground 7”, the upcoming UK tour of Brodka will bring the audience songs from her last albums: Clashes, the newest polish EP – SADZA and her fifth studio album BRUT, which is a powerful examination of gender, self-image and society.

Recorded with Boxed In’s Oli Bayston (Kelly Lee Owens, Loyle Carner), BRUT finds Brodka blurring the boundaries between natural and synthetic sounds, with a dystopian air hanging over much of the record in part due to the shadow of the ongoing struggle in Poland for reproductive rights.

“Most of my life I've not matched the role that society wants me to play,” she says of challenging perceptions by creating a figure that incorporates traditional traits of both femininity and masculinity. “I’m seen as having lots of masculine features, but then I have quite a pretty, innocent face. I always had the feeling that my inner self doesn't really match my outer self.”


In keeping with Brodka’s brutalism-inspired vision, there’s an industrial edge to BRUT, expressed in post-punk riffs, icy synths and the serrated, heavily-processed guitar sounds that slice through glittering electro-pop. Whilst reclaiming her authentic identity in the face of the pressures of patriarchal society, Brodka has created the most compelling music of her career. And in doing so, she’s cemented her status as the European breakout artist to watch.


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