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Venue Finder: Broadway Clash at Underdog Gallery | All Around Events

Broadway Clash | All Around Events

Underdog Gallery All Around Events have successfully outsourced for for their event on the 8 February 2020

Event: Broadway Clash

48hrs had passed and it was London calling. Not in complete control with the koka kola Janie Jones had slipped in my drink. I tried to catch a vain, so headed to garage-land and jumped in my brand new Cadillac heading for the gates of the west. Like a pressure drop the clampdown started. There were Police and thieves in the streets - with the Police on my back asking ‘What’s my name? ‘’I’m the white man in Hammersmith palais'' - oh shut your mouth & go back to your safe european home, came the reply. I was a cheat, that I couldn’t deny, a cheapskate just trying to stay free in this white riot … but London’s burning, should I stay or? Everything became remote control, picking up my tommy gun and joined in the English civil war; yes, I fought the law and somebody got murdered. ... There were no career opportunities for the prisoner. I can still hear those jail guitar doors…

Venue: Underdog Gallery

Since 2011 The Venue has been an exciting, versatile gallery space in London Bridge with the vibrant creative hub of Bermondsey Street just around the corner.

Just five minutes walk from London Bridge station, inbetween The Shard and the famous White Cube gallery, The venue is host to some of the most exciting events in London. We have a fully licensed bar at the venue, a cinema screen and a full PA system to cater for most events.

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