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Venue Finder: artsclub at Hub London | All Around Events

artsclub | All Around Events

All Around Events have successfully outsourced for artsclub the HUB for their event, on the 8 August 2019

Event: artsclub

artsclub is an organisation with a focus on bringing the creative community together. Our emphasis is to promote and showcase music and visual arts in all forms and guises.

Our approach is one that garners inspiration from both classical and contemporary sources; we want to represent our generation’s fascination with revelling in older styles of artistic expression while trying to forge ahead with the next rule-bending phenomenon. artsclub is an exhibition of the arts, a space to embody this tandem of appreciation and innovation.

Through parties, galleries, workshops and more we want to create a thriving community of like-minded people

Event: artsclub

Venue: HUB

The Hub is the perfect place to bring your clients for your next meeting, product launch or shoot. ​

Combined with the Radio Room, this space can host small parties and showcases, private parties, live streams and performances.

Venue: HUB

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