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Venue Finder: Wergo at LOFT - VR5 London | All Around Events

Wergo | All Around Events

All Around Events have successfully outsourced for Wergo the LOFT - VR5 for their event, on the 22 June 2019

Event: Wergo

A great night out is something really special. From colourful discos to laid-back bars and cool clubs, everyone has their favourite place to hang out at night. Whether it’s with your closest friends or with people you met that night, memories are made and last for a lifetime. In many places, the vibrant nightlife scene has contributed to the development of the city’s culture, economy and political movements, and bringing people from all over the world together.


Venue: VR5 LOFT

Unique Loft in Kings Cross

The loft intimate ambience is perfect for smaller celebrations or pre club hire, whilst providing an ideal break away area from your main event and for cocktails and canapés. A cross between a a unique industrial style interior crafted with reclaimed materials from the local area.


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