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The Soup Kitchen Charity x All Around Events

The Soup Kitchen Charity x All Around Events

All Around Events has been in business for just over two years. And a very successful two years it has been! Since launching we have worked with just over 300 clients resulting in over 450 bookings.

This has allowed us not only to establish great working relationships but to build up a solid database. Our services include: Matching client to venue for a catalogue of versatile events. Supplying staff, entertainment, production, marketing, promotions and much more.

All around Events have developed massively in a short space of time exceeding our own expectation’s when starting the business. We are now a team of three, we are currently sourcing a new office. And the business has developed as such that we are also working with international clients and with some of the biggest players in the Music industry. From managing venues, working with client’s who host events from all different genres from House, Techno, D&B, Hip Hop, Garage. We also work with countless clients on Cooperate events.

We want to give something back, help in ways that we feel we can.

For All Around Events our mission has always been to help others. And what we do is so much more than just about hosting and facilitating successful events. Of course, growth is important to us but so is helping and supporting those in need.

So, we are really pleased that we have teamed up with one of London’s more active & respectful charities - The Soup Kitchen. AAE will be donating % of all business generated to The Soup Kitchen each month, we will also collecting at all events AAE will be involved.

Who is The Soup Kitchen Charity

The Soup Kitchenwas founded in January 2013 by Solomon Smith and Mahamed Hashi, lifelong Brixtonians, who identified the essential need for such a space for homeless people.

The Brixton Soup Kitchen is community space for homeless people or people in desperate need. The Soup Kitchen aspires to provide food, drink and companionship in a warm and friendly environment on a weekly basis.Since that time we have served over 10,000 meals either eaten on site or distributed during food drop offs and outreach sessions. This could not have been possible without the donations and support from local community members as well as local business.

At the 'Brixton Soup Kitchen' we have had trained professionals come in and deliver one to one consultation sessions with clients to re-house people, assisting people to claim benefits they rightfully deserve as well as back to work training. 'Brixton Soup Kitchen' is not just a service for the homeless, but also members of the community who fall below the poverty line.

Since starting the 'Brixton Soup Kitchen' we have received food donations from Pret A Manager, Greggs, Nandos, Satay Brixton, Marks and Spencers and media support from The Voice Newspaper, Channel 4 and The South London Press who awarded us with the 'Our Hero's Award' in April 2013. We have also appeared on a number of television shows including Something for nothing, the Chicken shop and most recently Surprise Surprise which was attracted over 6.5 million viewers. The word about the good work at 'Brixton Soup Kitchen' has been spreading and we are receiving approximately 45 visitors per day. This has led to us recently being awarded the Back2Black award at the prestigious Bafta in Piccadilly.

The soup Kitchen is now is working towards becoming a recognised support centre for the community as a whole. It is hoped that extra facilities can be added to the already popular centre including job searching support, advice on housing and benefits and a night shelter for those in dire need

1.1 Mission statement

Brixton Soup Kitchen is a grassrootsorganisation helping homeless people and other Londoners in need. It provides food, supportand company withno obligationattached in order to empowerpeople in a warm and friendly environment. It also supports those in need by sign posting them to the appropriate services.

1.2 Objectives

This initiative is designed to create a soup kitchen in Brixton that will be able to serve those in need from in and around Lambeth. Our focus is to identify and utilize resources for food in order to eliminate hunger among low income individuals and families in and around Lameth. Our objectives are to:

- Empower Lambeth residents to help and assist homeless people and those in dire need in their community to understand the implementation of the welfare reform and how as a community they can work together to prevent and relieve poverty.

  • Enabling partnership working with the London Borough of Lambeth and primary stakeholders for the prevention or relief of poverty in the Lambeth borough in particular but not exclusively by providing emergency food supplies to individuals in need and/or charities, or other organisations working to prevent or relieve poverty.

The Brixton Soup Kitchen Helping The Homeless | Amazing Humans

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